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[News] Teen Top Comeback Information

Hello. This is Top Media.
We would like to give thanks to all the fans who have waited and given much love to Teen Top during this long period of time.We would like to give the welcoming news of Teen Top’s new upcoming album.
This album’s title will be TEEN TOP “ÉXITO”.
TEEN TOP “ÉXITO” means ‘success’ or a ‘good outcome’ in Spanish and will showcase Teen Top’s growth over the time spent during their world tour.
Once again, the music industry’s “knife like dance” performance icons, Teen Top, is back with an upgraded level of performance emotion.
The first album to come out after the members are now in their 20s, please anticipate an upgraded level of mature music and emotion provoking stages that will match their ages.
Please give a lot of interest and have lots of anticipation for TEEN TOP’s new album, “ÉXITO”.
TEEN TOP “ÉXITO” Release Schedule
- Online Sales: September 15, 2014 (Mon) at Midnight on various music websites
-Physical Sales: September 16, 2014 (Mon) 
Information on broadcast participation will be posted through the news board at a later time.
Please anticipate the release of Teen Top’s comeback teaser photos, video, etc.
Thank you.

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